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99% availability garanty

99We offer our clients 99% availability garanty. 7/7, between 30 mins and 4 hours intervention.


telePerformances of your server, network traffic, usage of your dashboards, and more.

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testimonialMarvellous for the cost cuts.

Philippe JODEL - ALCAN

Limtree Business Intelligence en mode SaaS

Business Intelligence Solutions in SaaS mode with LimtreeSaaS

What is it all about ? 

LimtreeSaaS (powered by QlikView), is a platform where management and reporting dashbords are posted with no hardware nor software constraints. Users can view and analyze their enterprise data without having to use expensive and difficult to use software. Sales statistics, budget planning and budget seeding reports are available, project management analysis or simple plannings can be provided, just access simply to your enterprise information through a simple web browser.


Questions answered 

LimtreeSaaS (powered by QlikView), proposes an innovative solution about centralizing Business Intelligence Applications accessed trough light client PC's or remote devices. LimtreeSaaS offers Perennity, Economy, Mobility…


Business processes 

LimtreeSaaS (powered by QlikView), is strongly implanted in several business domains where analysis and information for all brings organisations transparency and good drivers for the business.

Cost reductions 

By minimizing hardware, software, maintenance, upgrading fees and support costs, you can better control your investments and so, your cash flow.
Lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Only pay for the usage !




Hébergement Sécurisé


Publish yourself  your QVW analysis.
Instantant deployment 
Deployment of your reporting with no delay.
Graphic identity 
Comply with your company's identity to publish yourself with that compliance with no constraints.
Synthetic dashboards
Publish yourself your dashboards with graphs, gauges, and more visual tools...
Tabular reporting 
Show your co-workers simple reports with printable tables or pivot tables.
iPhone and Business Intelligence
Simply access your KPI's with your iPhone.

15 days Trial download

Client area

TransferYour client area allow you to publish your dynamic reports and analysis and to deploy to your end-users your corporate dashboards and ready to use analysis.

Access your client area. 

IBM Alliances Club

Limtree becomes member of the IBM Alliances Club with Limtree SaaS

They are talking about it!

The value of QlikView relies on its rapid learning curve, and the substantial time reduction spent to deploy and personnalize data analysis projects. Due to its intuitive interface, where "I point, I click" , users can be productive only after a reduced training, rather than spending weeks to make it operationnal.
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